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Great academic writing is essentially putting forth one’s ideas and research to one’s peers.

It’s usually confined to academics, but great term papers can sometimes find larger audiences by way of publication in books, journals or magazines.

In order to be great,

students must adopt a strong academic rhetoric and follow strict rules for presenting their ideas efficiently. Adhering to the following rules may be helpful in firing-up your term paper writing skills:

How to Become a Great Term Paper Writer

Use Clear and Concise Language

Great writing all share common ground: the language used is clear and concise. All content needs to be appropriately framed and grammatically sound to be surmised by the target audience without much effort. In simple terms, it should be easy to read. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos are all distracting and can greatly affect your grade. Proofread your paper meticulously with a word processing tool. Be sure to locate awkward constructions and remove any confusing or obstructive words or phrases. If you aren’t confident enough to proofread your term paper, ask a friend, a parent, hire cheap paper writers or even pay for a professional proofreading service to go through your text. When doing this don’t merely accept their changes but review the suggestions so that you can learn for the next time.

Include Only Well-Founded Content

The content you decide to use for your term paper should always be well-founded and verifiable through undisputed facts. You should follow up substantiated statements with empirical research. For instance, a statement like “today’s kids aren’t as healthy as those from a decade ago” can come off as a little cursory without the proper citations. The same statement followed with statistical evidence will be a lot more definitive. Don’t waste your time or reputation writing about topics you haven’t fully research. Your paper will suffer and so will your grade.

Don’t Plagiarize Ever

In any type of academic writing, there are a few offenses more serious or impacting than trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own. It’s okay to take snippets from others’ researches and opinions, but it’s not okay to simply rehash the content without assigning proper credit to the original writer and source. Plagiarism is a serious offense that brings a researcher’s credibility and honor into question, and usually has extremely high consequences for a person’s academic and sometimes professional careers. In serious cases, expulsion from either a department or an institution can be expected.

Don’t Over-Quote to Fill Space

There are some legitimate occasions when word for word quoting is okay, but more often than not students are guilty of over-quoting, resulting in most of the paper seeming borrowed. Practice expressing an interpretation in your own words, and only if you can’t do so then you can use direct quotations.

Paraphrasing is the recommended method of expressing someone else’s idea. It simplifies a piece of text but doesn’t necessarily condense it. With paraphrasing, though, it’s important that you still attribute credit to the original source or you may be accused of committing plagiarism.


Sometimes confining your term paper to a limited number of words can be extremely difficult, especially when you want to improve your academic writing overall. Summarizing content simply means that you do away with the unnecessary fluff content, with getting rid of the meat of the topic.


Many people suggest using the Ockham’s razor philosophy, which when applied ensures that your final product is terse and focused. An example would be using just 5 case studies instead of the 15 you found, or it could also be a matter of pruning your essay so that it’s about a third of the first draft.

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