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How To Prepare For A Research Paper Defense: Solid Advice

A research paper defense is a rather stressful experience. However, much of the stress and anxiety can be relieved if you are well-prepared for the event. The following advice will help you spend the last few days, before the defense, usefully.

  • - Ask your advisor about the format of your research paper defense.
  • If you know what the committee members expect from you, you won’t be taken by surprise. Ask your advisor the following questions:

    • - How long will the defense last?
    • - How should it look like?
    • - Should you prepare a PowerPoint presentation? How should the presentation be organized? What information should be presented?
    • - Are there any common questions that students get asked and what are they?
    • - Ask other students for advice.
    • Turn to the students who have already defended their research papers. It would be perfect if they had the same advisor. The more people you ask, the more useful tips you will receive. They will prompt you on what you should focus on during the preparation process, what questions are commonly asked by professors, and what should be avoided during the defense.

    • - Prepare your presentation and practice it.
    • When doing your presentation, remember that it should fit into the required time frame. Be sure to include all necessary points recommended by your advisor. Practice presenting your research paper on your own and with an audience; your friends or relatives can make a great audience.

    • - Prepare for the questions.
    • Of course, you cannot tell for sure what questions will come to the heads of the committee members. However, you have already been prompted on what questions are common. Brainstorm and think what other questions might arise in the process. Make a list of these questions and answers to them. Now you will feel more confident and calm.

    • - Prepare the essentials.
      • - Arrive earlier.
      • - If you use any media or technology during the defense, make sure that everything works well. Check the projector, computer, and dynamics.
      • - Bring your copy of a research paper.
      • - Bring a pen and a note pad to take notes.
      • - Wear comfortable business-like clothes.
      • - Bring something to drink.
    • - Care for yourself.
    • Your research paper defense will only benefit if you are fresh and in a good mood. Have a good sleep and a healthy breakfast. Be calm and breathe deeply.

    If you take the aforementioned steps, your confidence level will considerably boost. Remember that you did a quality research paper, and even if you are still a little bit nervous, it won’t affect the general impression.

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