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A List Of 12 Offbeat Research Paper Topics Related To Medicine

Medicine is a broad field of study, it can deal with many different aspects or types of treatment and recovery methods. Most of medical research is done using animals with similar biological make up as humans to try to better understand how different treatments may affect humans. The truth is, most of the medicines we have available have been derived originally from natural sources and only later created in labs using chemical derivatives.

Here are 20 offbeat research paper topics related to medicine for your consideration:

  1. 1. Does activities like the practice of Qi Qong really affects one’s physical well being, or is it possible that the reported results are nothing more than a placebo?
  2. 2. How does acupuncture work? Give scientifically empirical evidence to support you explanation.
  3. 3. What are the risks involved in regular, everyday people finding and trying various natural remedies using naturally occurring plants?
  4. 4. Create a scenario where humans using organs and body parts grown on animals to augments their own bodies will be accepted in everyday society.
  5. 5. If animal secretions have the ability to cure and treat various ailments, should modern medical practices invest more time and effort into exploring these possibilities?
  6. 6. Can acupuncture practices that have the ability to completely cut of the nervous sensations of any part of you body be used in medical procedures to reduce the use of drugs on human bodies?
  7. 7. Should pediatric hospitals and clinics involve pet therapy and interaction with young children to help improve the relationship skills as well as strengthen their immune systems?
  8. 8. Should bio-mechanical research be done on living human patients to help improve and develop new technologies?
  9. 9. Is it possible that differences in geographic location and it’s affect on the available food types is the major reason why so many people today are suffering from health complications that did not exists before worldwide import and exports.
  10. 10. Genetic engineering is the future of medicine and medical science should not allow the moral objections made by various religious bodies obstruct medical progress.
  11. 11. How soon will we be able to receive organ implants created through the process of three dimensional printing using human body cells from the recipient?
  12. 12. Drugs have many altering effects on the human body and psychology. Science and medical research should find more ways of making this a positive result instead of a negative one as portrayed by most countries.

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