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Coming Up With Creative Literature Research Paper Topics In College

Literature is an interesting area of study. Literature essays greatly differ with the other kinds of essays. As much as literature may be fascinating, coming up with a creative essay topic may be a bit challenging. With the wide array of topics to choose from, it may be difficult selecting a single topic.

Approaches used while selecting topics

There are several approaches that student can use to select a topic essay:

  • Comparing and contrasting work done by different authors
  • Discussing literature work based on an outside perspective
  • Explaining how political, economic or social context may have influenced the work
  • A study of how historical events are represented in particular works

Creative tips on how to create good and general literary essay topics

  1. Decide on the genre
  2. An individual may love at least one aspect of each genre. However, there is that one genre that fascinates them. In literature; some of the genres that are most common include romance, comedy, satire, non-fiction, fiction and drama. Determine what genre excites you as this will help narrow down the topic search.

  3. Creating a list of literary sources available
  4. While selecting a topic, it is important to list all the books and sources at your disposal. This will come in handy when it comes to writing the bibliography and citations. In addition, the books will act as a source of information on the topic chosen.

  5. Making a list of the probable topics
  6. You have already chosen the genre that fascinates and have a few literary sources at your disposal. As you read through, make a list of the probable topics or themes. This will help prevent the possibility of overlooking or neglecting themes that may interest you in the future.

  7. Assess each probable theme/topic
  8. After making the list of probable topics, carefully assess each of them. How do you feel about that topic? Is there enough literature on it? One may have set their mind to focus on a particular theme/topic but may lack a proper understanding, or there may be little or too much information regarding it.

  9. Choosing the theme that suits you best
  10. For beginners, avoid a topic or theme that is too general. It may be a topic that has been over-researched, and there is nothing new to report about. In addition, it may be rejected, and that will greatly hurt your academic evaluations.

However, one can find a unique angle or approach and modify that general topic in a manner that is interesting and unique.

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