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Basic Advice On How To Propose A Term Paper Topic

Selecting a topic for your research paper is a very vital and essential skill. However, it is not an easy task. Though at times you may be given a specific subject to work on, most of the lecturers prefer that you propose your own. When choosing, there are a few basics that you need to understand. This includes:

Area of interest

The best subject to work on is one that arouses interest. In as much as you want to work on what interests you, avoid areas that have been frequently worked on. Nonetheless, if you feel you have a different approach on these frequently tackled questions, you can still handle them. Below are some of the tips on how to find an area that interests you;

  • - Evaluate current issues that interest you.
  • - Check on personal problems and issues.
  • - Surf through research and web sites.


Choose a subject that you can easily tackle. Avoid choosing a too narrow or broad one as you will have problems in finding adequate information for your work. Some of the ways to narrowed down is by categorizing according to: the geographical area, time, culture or group of people.


You may settle for a certain topic, then after you have began feel that it needs a bit of adjustments. This is why it is important to choose one that is flexible in nature. It should be easy to modify in that you will not have to start the entire search all over again. The required length of your paper and the scheduled deadline are some of the factors that may result to the modification of your work.


Rather than tackling something new, pick on a project that you already have an idea about. This will make your entire research and writing process easy and faster as you already have the background knowledge. Therefore, less time will be spent on research and you will have enough time to proofread your work.

In addition, take a different approach on an existing subject or your previous term paper topic You can always redefine your previous thesis statement. This basically means that if you focused on a certain geographical area, then this time round you can refine to a specific time frame.

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