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Ideas For Writing A Research Paper About Youth Violence

Youth violence is a problem that can be observed almost everywhere in the world. Writing a research paper on youth violence is a difficult but worthwhile task. Proper research may help in decreasing the number of violent youngsters. If you want to write a research paper on youth violence, you should look at topic ideas given in this article. They might serve as a good inspiration for your own work.

  1. Youth violence: how to identify the cause?
  2. Do research and discus the methods that might help identify the causes of youth violence and prevent the undesired consequences.

  3. Youth violence in American society.
  4. Investigate what causes American youngsters to do acts of violence. Is there a connection between certain social strata and youth violence?

  5. Youth violence in schools.
  6. You may discuss in your research paper what causes some students to behave aggressively at schools. What can be done about this matter?

  7. The connection between youth violence and social media.
  8. Do research and discuss whether the acts of violence that are showed in social media might seriously affect youngsters and make them more violent.

  9. The role of parents in youth violence.
  10. Explore in your paper what is the chance for a youngster to become violent if he or she is brought up by careless or violent parents.

  11. Youth violence and video games.
  12. There are many extremely violent video games. Investigate whether they might cause young players to behave more aggressively in real life.

  13. Youth violence and guns.
  14. Investigate in your research paper what is the number of violent acts done by youngsters with the use of guns. What might cause youngsters to store and use weapons?

  15. Youth violence in sports.
  16. Do research and discuss the cases of violent behavior of young athletes. What causes them to act violently? Might it be jealousy?

  17. Rehabilitation of violent youngsters.
  18. Explore in your paper whether it’s possible to fully rehabilitate a violent teenager. Will imprisonment do any good or only worsen the situation?

  19. Youth violence towards animals.
  20. You may investigate what causes some youngsters to kill or torture animals. Can something be done about this? What are possible consequences?

  21. Effect of the music industry on youth violence.
  22. Discuss whether listening to music with aggressive lyrics might cause teens to be more violent. Can peaceful music have a calming effect on violent teenagers?

  23. Youth violence and racism.
  24. Explore what is the number of violent acts done by youngsters because of the racist ideology.

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