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7 Outstanding Research Paper Topics About How Music Influences Your Mood

It’s often said that music might greatly affect people’s mood and even state of health. Scientists have conducted many experiments that gave very interesting results. You may also use this topic to write your research paper. However, it’s advisable to narrow your topic, so that it can be more interesting for your readers. In this article you’ll find excellent topic examples for a paper about how music influences your mood.

  1. How to lift your mood with the help of music.
  2. This topic allows you to investigate and learn how music can cheer up people. Conduct various experiments with different genres of music. Explore what music is the best for lifting people’s mood. Is there one particular genre or does it depend on the person?

  3. How to depress people with music.
  4. If you choose to write your research paper on this topic, you should explore what music might negatively affect people’s mood. Is there a particular type of music that might depress a person anytime or is it necessary to find the right moment?

  5. How to heal people with music.
  6. Some people say that music might not only cheer up you, but even heal you. This sounds very much like a placebo effect. Conduct your experiments and explore whether ill people may really feel better after listening to particular types of music.

  7. Influence of music on animals.
  8. This topic allows you to investigate whether music might influence not only humans, but also animals. There are statements that say that cows, for example, give more milk when listening to classical music. Conduct experiments to test various theories.

  9. Using music to increase your performance.
  10. There is a chance that listening to particular music might help you concentrate on your work and even increase your performance in some fields. Do research and conduct experiments to explore whether this theory is true.

  11. Can you become smarter by listening to music?
  12. Investigate in your paper whether there is a connection between the intellect of a person and their music preferences. Explore whether it’s possible to become smarter if you listen to music that smart people usually listen to.

  13. Can music make you more aggressive?
  14. There are many genres of music that sound very aggressive. Investigate in your paper whether it’s possible for a quiet person to become more expressive and aggressive by listening to particular music genres?

Use this list to come up with your own interesting ideas and write a brilliant research paper.

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