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Choosing Winning Research Paper Topics In Nursing For College Students

Nursing and the medical field, in general, is an extremely interesting and varied field. If you want to write a winning research paper, your first step is choosing a topic that dazzles. It will need to dazzle both you and your reader at the same time. You, because you need to be at least a little excited about your topic to write it well, and your reader because they need to be excited by what you present them to read. Here are some tips for college students on choosing winning research paper topics in nursing.

  1. Write what you know and what interests you:
  2. This always rules #1 when writing anything. Write stuff that you know about, that you’ve studied, that you’ve seen or that you know how to find information on. Then make sure you are interested in it enough to get to that dazzle above.

  3. Keep the topic narrow and focused while still leaving room to explore:
  4. A topic too broad might be “Pregnant women” and a topic too narrow might be “The shopping behavior of pregnant women on July 3rd, 2015 in Atlanta, Ga who take anti-depressants and wear yellow shoes.” Find something to talk about that has a focused purpose without going overboard.

  5. Find an interesting way to approach the topic:
  6. You may be writing about something that is familiar or a popular subject, but you can always make it new by taking a different angle. If you take the topic of hospital admitting procedures and look at it from the viewpoint of the spouse of the patient, for example, that would be different than the usual way.

  7. Stay up to date and ahead of the curve:
  8. The nursing profession is a subset of medical science and because of that things are always changing. Part of the job of a nurse or doctor is to keep up to date with the latest regulations and study findings. You have to make sure your research is from right now or even tomorrow or you will be left behind, and your info will be incorrect.

  9. Ask a professional:
  10. A medical professional and/or a writing professional! You can ask a medical professional for advice on the content of the paper topic and a writing professional for advice on how to approach the topic you choose. Either way it never hurts to ask someone who knows what they’re doing.

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