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Writing A Proper Research Paper Proposal Summary: A Quick Guide

Composing a decent research paper proposal summary is usually a challenging task, but it is possible to write an excellent one quite quickly. If that’s what you’re trying to do, have a look at this useful quick guide to composing a proper research paper proposal summary that we’ve compiled for university students.

Some background information

Before you start composing your summary, there are two important things you need to know. Firstly, you need to know what a research paper proposal is. Essentially, it’s a formal piece of writing that is meant to convince your supervisors that you’ve done enough research about your topic, that you’ve identified a study question, that you have a suitable way to answer the study question, and that you can do so in a reasonable time with a reasonable amount of money. Secondly, you need to know what a summary (or a synopsis) is. Basically, a synopsis is a concise explanation of the content of an academic piece.

Only compose your summary at the end

It may be very tempting to write your research paper proposal synopsis before you start with the rest of your work, but that really isn’t a good idea. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, doing your synopsis last is a much better idea. This is mainly because you synopsis is a short explanation of what the rest of your work is about, and you don’t know exactly what will be in the rest of your work until you’ve actually done it.

Only put the relevant information in it

Your synopsis should be a brief section that describes what the rest of your research paper proposal is all about, so it needs to contain the main points of your work. You can scan your work to find all the main points, and put them in your synopsis. Just remember that you need to shorten them to the essence of each point to keep your synopsis section appropriately short.

Use the correct form

Your summary needs a beginning, a middle part, and an end. The beginning will introduce the synopsis to your reader, the middle section will contain the actual information, and the end will close the synopsis section for your reader.

Brevity is vital

Apart from its purpose, the main characteristic of the summary section of your research paper proposal is its brevity. If it’s too long and detailed, your reader may be tempted to skip reading the rest of your work entirely. And this defeats the point of the section entirely.

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