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5 Basic Rules For Composing A Good Research Paper Body Paragraph

Preparing a research paper

While you are in college or in your university you will be asked to prepare research paper. Preparing a research paper is not an easy task. It is time consuming as well as challenging. You need to have a good grip on the language and good organizational skill in order to write a research paper. The paper you are intending to write should have a good title and has to be a genuine topic. A research paper becomes easy to deal with if you love the topic that you have selected. Moreover, you need go through thorough work while preparing the paper. You need to organise all the points that you get during the research and start working on it.

Basic rules for composing the body paragraph

Preparing an introduction to the research paper can be daunting task. But you have to equally give importance to the composition of the body paragraph where all the information that you have collected has to be organised. There are certain rules to compose it. Here are five of the most important rules to construct the body:

  • It is important to begin the paragraph with a topic sentence. As it will be catchy and will help to grab your readers attention. The thesis statement may appear anywhere in the paragraph, but the topic sentence appearing at the beginning gives strength and coherence to the paper. It is also compulsory to explain the topic sentence in this paragraph.
  • Whatever statement you put in this paragraph, it has to be supported by strong evidence. The evidences that you provide in support gives ample strength to the paper. The evidence that you provide should be logical. It should make your readers believe in you.
  • Be careful about grammar. Don’t use very long sentences, as this may result in the wrong use of grammar. Use short and simple sentences to provide information and then support them with the evidences.
  • It is better to maintain the flow of writing or maintain the pattern of writing. The sentences used in the paragraph should look unified and should not hang lose in the paragraph. The rational flow of your sentences will keep your readers’ attention intact and they will love reading your logically formed paper.
  • It’s better not to use quotations in the paragraph. In place of quotations paraphrases can be used which also needs detailed explanations.

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