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How To Compose A Good APA Format Research Paper Reference Page

APA format is a style of writing, which is recommended or set as a standard writing style by American Physiological Association. This style of writing is mostly used to write about social science studies. A research paper is a detailed way of writing each and every aspect about something that is either proven to be true and new aspects are revealed about or about something that is discovered now and the world has to know about the details about it.

In this kind of writing, the reference page is at the ultimate end of the writing. There are a few basic facts about the reference pages in APA style of writing.

  • Items on this page must be arranged in alphabetic order.
  • First line of the page starts from the left side.
  • There must be a gap of half an inch between every line of reference.
  • You can use the head number or page number if you have multiple pages of references.

About Book

When you are writing about references from some book, you need to be more specific about them. You need to write about the name of the author of the book along with the year that book was published in parenthesis and also have to write the title of the book which must be underlined too. You also need to list the place where the book was published along with its number of edition. As there are few differences in every edition of the same book. There must be proper spacing between each of these details.

If any book is written by more than one publisher, you need to write the name of each and every writer of the book.

About Magazine

When it comes to the magazines you need to write the name of the writer of the articles along with the date and year of the publication. After that you need to write about the title of the article without any quotation marks or underlining, but you need to underline the name of the title of the magazine.

About an online source

In an APA style reference page, when you have to mention an outline, you need to list few details about the source which include the name of author of that source, date of the publication of the website or last time you visited it, title of the document you used along with the title of the whole work and the url of the website.

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