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How To Write A Term Paper About Abortion: A Quick Guide

There are many different topics that a student will have to write about during their academic career. One of the most common term paper topics is on abortion. In this type of writing, the student will generally have to pick a side of the debate and argue their position. For research papers, the student may also have to submit .

Choosing a Side

In the abortion debate, there are two main sides to choose from. Students can go with the pro-life stance or the pr-choice stance. While pro-life advocates believe that abortion is completely immoral, pro-choice advocates believe that women have the right to choose. When writing about a specific belief, students can also look at the major events in each movement and their techniques for swaying public policy.

Cultural Beliefs

In addition to these options, students could compare how abortion is used in other countries. Due to the One Child policy, Chinese women have actually had to undergo abortions if they become pregnant with additional children. Comparing the cultural norms and beliefs between two countries could make for an extremely interesting issue. Students could look also try looking at a heavily Roman Catholic country like Spain or Mexico. Each nation has a different attitude toward abortion, so there are plenty of topics to choose from.

Writing About the History

For an interesting paper, students could write about the history of abortion. In ancient Greece, a specific type of plant was used to induce medical abortions. Since then, surgical procedures and new drugs have become the norm. Students could write about the Roe Versus Wade Supreme Court decision or look at how life was like before abortion was legalized.

The Science of an Abortion

Writing about the science and techniques used to carry out an abortion can be a depressing research paper, but it is an unusual topic to choose. Students could use medical or scientific data to write about when life actually begins. They can also discuss how an abortion is actually carried out.


Basically every state in the United States has different abortion laws. While some allow abortions up to 20 weeks, other states have a limited window of time. Some states also require women to watch a video before they have an abortion and wait several days to rethink having the procedure. Looking at the various laws surrounding abortions or comparing the laws of different states could make for an extremely interesting and unusual essay.

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