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20 Great Research Paper Topics On Body Piercing

Body piercing has been popular for many centuries. It is almost as old as civilization and with new generation something new has been added to it. You can see its emergence in different subcultures and among a wide variety of people. It is very intriguing and you can definitely base your research paper on a topic related to body modification.

Since it is a wide field you can easily get confused in the plethora of information. You need to streamline your topic to get proper facts and information. You have to narrow it down to any specific angel or subculture to make the paper relevant. You will have to explore the angels and come up with a unique perspective to make it more interesting.

Here are some topics that you can research and base your paper on

  1. Ancient body modifications or how the ancient tribal communities performed body piercing.
  2. The history and development in the art of body piercing in America.
  3. How the equipments have changes in the past century when it comes to body piercing.
  4. The views of a person with multiple piercing on them.
  5. A day in the life of the person with the most piercing. The cause and effect of so many piercing.
  6. The experience of a person getting pierced for the first time. The psychological reasoning and desire for pain.
  7. The psychology of a person who gets their body mutilated in such a way.
  8. Why do some people embrace the pain that comes with such mutilations and seem to revel in it?
  9. How does society treat people with piercing? Are they judged based on their choices?
  10. A day in the life of piercing artist i.e. the person who pierces other people for a living.
  11. Is tattoos and piercing connected in some psychological way?
  12. The places where people get pierced! Does it stop anywhere?
  13. What are the forms of extreme piercing?
  14. Problems faced by people with lots of piercing.
  15. How does piercing effect a person’s aging process.
  16. Do kids be allowed to get their body parts pierced? What should be the age before they can decide for themselves?
  17. Is piercing better that tattooing because it can be easily removed while tattoos can not be removed?
  18. Does a lot of piercing hamper a person’s career?
  19. The different reasons why people get pierced.
  20. The various societies where body piercing is part and parcel of their social structure.

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