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List Of Ten Interesting Research Paper Topics About South And North Africa

Finding ideas for papers on this matter should be easy. The only problem is where to begin. This continent has issues in almost every matter that relates to them. It is like a place that time has forgot. Where you were born into, is the life you led. The people seemed to be content with the subjects of health, nutrition, politics, living conditions, and government to name a few. Anyone who is actually familiar with third world countries understand what I am trying to say. The positive thing to say is that it all seems to be turning around for the better. Here is a list of ten interesting research paper topics about South and North Africa.

  1. The importance of the World Bank will play in the task of bringing them to light on all of life’s necessities. How serious are they on saving maybe a total population?
  2. Are the poor, who make-up most of the population really being taken into consideration? Are they just a pawn in the government’s game of promises?
  3. How big of a problem will it be to improve food quality and its availability to the poor? Can they turn their land into farmable soil?
  4. It seems that the head of the World Bank is sincere about helping-out the failing areas of the third world. What is his track record of success?
  5. The Eco-life can be good for many things in Africa. Gaining the trust of the possible importers could mean big profit and jobs for the average native worker.
  6. How safe is it for volunteers to work in many of these violent areas? Is there enough respect given to the United Nations to bring the care needed to the sick and children?
  7. Land transportation will be a vital factor to the foreseen improvements to this land. Will the government use the assistance given to them for advancing this matter?
  8. There has been a better percentage of visitors to the continent. Should Africa take this aspect into consideration when figuring their future? Changing the view of the foreign visitors should be changed by advertising their many beautiful locations and things to accomplish while they are there.
  9. The importance of technology is known by every prospering nation. Without it no country stands any real chance of competing in today’s competition on any subject matter.
  10. Will the lack of so much for so long be a positive or negative on Africa. The idea of not being spoiled with so much for so long can mean being truly grateful towards the future.

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