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Great Research Paper Ideas On Poetry For You To Consider

Writing poetry is considered an art form by many people and one can see why. Even none enthusiasts often find themselves caught in the magic of masterfully crafted sentences, a good example of this is popular music, most of which, is poetry. When we speak of poems, one may envision short sentences, with a rhyming beat, but they can be much more than this.

Through history, scholars have studied poems by great authors, trying their best to uncover the hidden meanings of the lines, an enjoyable venture for many. Since we often place so much meaning in the words of poems, it is no surprise that many research projects are undertaken, often to find the truth of popular poems. Consider the following research topics on poetry:

  1. How did we as a species, come to develop the act of writing our feelings and emotions using poetic methods?
  2. What is the true purpose of poetry in our society? Can it be replaced with anything else?
  3. Does poetry have the ability to affect a persons mental state?
  4. How does one determine good poetry, from bad poetry?
  5. Is poetry a measure of our intelligence, or is it just another one of our whims?
  6. What would happen to society, if poetry were made illegal because of its ability to strongly influence our feelings?
  7. Is it possible for new forms of poetry to be developed, despite our intense exploration of the practice?
  8. The definition of a true poet and what it means to live the lifestyle necessary to be truly great.
  9. What is the true value of poetry to society as a whole?
  10. If poetry is considered a form of art, why is it not displayed in galleries, in the very same way that paintings are?
  11. What set apart the great poets of history from the rest? What was so different about them that they were able to become legends through their words alone?
  12. The definition of a poem is very loose, how is this possible while maintaining such sensitive features?
  13. What is the most significant defining factor of a good poem compared to a bad one?
  14. Is it possible to create an impressive, badly done poem?
  15. Should poetic speech become an official part of school curriculum, very much like a foreign language subject is taught?
  16. The benefits of good poetry to the world.
  17. The most important poem of all time.

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