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How To Create An A+ Research Paper With References

In order to graduate, students must be able to write an excellent research paper. At some point during their academic career, students will need to demonstrate their knowledge in writing. To get the best grade on this type of assignment, students should use some of the following tips.

Pick a Topic

It may seem like an easy task, but choosing a topic is actually harder than it looks. The topic needs to be broad enough to make researching simple, but it has to be narrow enough to be adequately covered in just a few pages. To get an A+ on a research paper, students should pick a topic that they actually enjoy. This will make writing, researching and editing the essay much easier and faster.

Bring Out the Note Cards

Although normal note taking works fine, students can make the writing process easier by using note cards. With a note card, students can easily separate each source. Underneath the quote that they want, the student should write all of the bibliographical information. When it is time to write the essay, this information will make it much easier to cite sources. In addition, the note card format makes it simpler to sort information according to the part of the research paper that it should be in. Students can attach the note cards to their outline so that they know exactly where they plan on including their data.

Build an Outline

All of the best research papers have one thing in common: they were made with an outline. This type of structure helps students to quickly and easily organize their thoughts. An outline can be rearranged to suit the argument. As the student writes, they do not have to deal with writer's block because they are able to instantly see the topic that will come next in the document.

Use a Writing Manual

Every style of writing uses a different type of citations or footnotes. Students will ultimately be graded on how well they referenced their information. To make sure that each citation is done correctly, students should use an example bibliography or a writing manual. Citations are important because they show the quality of the student's research. In addition, students must cite their data or the information will be considered plagiarized. To avoid plagiarism charges and get an A+ on the paper, students make sure that everything has been properly cited in their writing.

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