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Top 25 Best Research Paper Topics Related To Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management basically deals with society and economics. This sector provides rapid services while managing skilled workers and combining E- Commerce, E- technology and global commerce.

Following is the list of Hot Human Resource Management topics

  1. How Global competitiveness affects strategic Human Resources.
  2. How Human Resource Management establishes the balance between loyalty of the employee, job satisfaction and employee’s commitment towards the company?
  3. How employee’s turnover is measured?
  4. How forecasting of the supply is predicted? How demand is met under various circumstances?
  5. How HRM deals with absenteeism of the employees in a specific sector?
  6. What are the challenges faced by HRM sector?
  7. Discuss the opportunities that affect HRM?
  8. What is the future of HRM in respect of technology?
  9. Discuss the evolution of strategic Human Resource Management.
  10. Establishing a well defined link between organizational performances and Work life balance practices, carry a discussion.
  11. What is the risk involved in Human Resource Management? What should be the line of research in establishing the harmony?
  12. What sort of knowledge is required in respect of employee recruitment?
  13. Write the significant steps involved in administrative and maintenance practices for HR transformation?
  14. How talent management practices are part of Human Resource Management Program?
  15. How employee’s commitment towards the workplace in multidimensional fields can be an asset for the organization?
  16. How HRM deals with the benefits and risks of outsourcing?
  17. List the HR‘s priorities from absence management or mismanagement to HRIT Investment. State the philosophies of recruitment, investment priorities, the low grad HR analytical skill and shortcomings in managing absence.
  18. How Performance Management and payroll is measured by HR?
  19. How talent shortages and challenges of economic conditions are dealt by HR management? How web based recruitment and social media opportunities brings significant changes in the organization?
  20. How sickness absence hampers the basic operation of an organization?
  21. How service quality by HR is maintained while balancing the cost? Discuss it in terms of short term and long term developments in respect of the payrolls.
  22. What practical approach should be followed for talent management? Discuss it in context of performance measurement and slowing economy.
  23. Analyze the benefits, disputes, trends and payroll services hosted by HR. Discuss it in terms of software outsourcing.
  24. What is HR Self service? How a broad Business Case can be created for HR beyond their efficiency?
  25. Discuss the corporate social responsibilities of HRM. Write a systematic and concept based analysis for it.

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