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A List Of 25 Thought-Provoking Topics For High School Term Papers

Writing a great high school term paper starts with choosing an original and interesting topic. We know it can be hard to come up with ideas on your own, so we’ve put this list of 25 thought-provoking ideas to choose from:

  1. Do you think high school students should receive time off when they complete a specific amount of assignments early?
  2. Does joining and playing a team sport in high school help students develop their trust in others and the ability to work together?
  3. Should community volunteer experience factor into the grades students receive in high school for certain classes?
  4. Should students vote on the kind of lunches and snacks they receive at schools, or should this be mandated by school administration?
  5. How much of a role should parents have in developing or updating each year’s school curriculum and reading lists?
  6. Do you think that separating students by gender is a good idea to fight against different types of bullying?
  7. Can you make a case for or against revising standardized testing because it can be discriminatory to certain people?
  8. Do you think that playing music in class is an effective solution for increasing students’ awareness and ability to retain information?
  9. Are teachers giving out too much homework for kids today or is it necessary because of dwindling resources?
  10. Should students have a choice to learn either evolution or creationism and take the course of their preference?
  11. Can students make suggestions for school field trips or have a great say in determining what options will be available?
  12. Do you think the hours work restriction for students between the ages of 16-18 is fair or should it be lifted to allow students to earn more?
  13. Should schools do away with physical education if there isn’t any tangible proof that it improves a person’s health choices in any way?
  14. Should students receive an extra day off per week in exchange for attending class for longer periods in a day?
  15. Why aren’t students allowed to freely leave campus for personal or private matters if the consequence of failing remains?
  16. Should schools do away with all forms of standardized testing or are they still helpful tools in gauging a student’s education-level?
  17. In what ways do higher grades in traditional core subjects indicate whether a student will be successful in today’s world?
  18. Should more practical subjects like business, entrepreneurship, or technology be favored in curriculum over traditional subjects?
  19. Do you believe that students should have the right to choose elective courses earlier in their education, such as in middle school?
  20. Do you think that schools should take a bigger role in cases where cyberbullying occurs off campus or is this a private matter?
  21. How effective are technological learning tools, such as computer pads or computer notebooks in the class, in improving class grades?
  22. If you had a choice to permanently remove one discipline from core curriculum at your school what would it be?
  23. Should studying classical literature from around the world be made a requirement in public schools or is this useless?
  24. Should students receive extra credit for volunteering in the community or should this not affect their educational grades?
  25. Should students be allowed to vote for government offices at an earlier age considering that they will become adults in a few years?

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