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10 Suggestions On Creating Research Papers Topics On The Structure Of DNA

DNA is an important part of our biological functions. These include, tissue repairs, growth and development, cell division and more. It governs the cellular processes in living organisms and any minor defect can result in poor development or death. Here are some research paper ideas on the structure on DNA.

  1. Describe the process used to determine the structure of this microscopic molecule.
  2. These molecules are extremely small which makes the task of observing them extremely difficult. Many technologies are used to advance this study and we are only now in possession of devices capable of making observations on this small scale. Outline the methods used to create accurate representations of this molecule.

  3. Is the structure of DNA efficiently designed for an organisms’ ability to thrive?
  4. Living organisms are subjected to radiation from the sun and other sources which alter their genetic information. Show if it can be designed to overcome such a factor.

  5. How do the molecular bonds determine the overall shape of the protein?
  6. Describe how the double helix formation is created and maintained by various organisms.

  7. Outline the role the helix axis plays on formation of a gene.
  8. Investigate if the shape can be modified to retain the integrity of the information passed down to new cells through mitosis/meiosis and thus, increase longevity.

  9. Can the removal of the dormant genes from the structure change the organism?
  10. The genetic information that isn’t expressed within an organism varies greatly among the lifeforms. Give data regarding this issue.

  11. Could genetic function be affected if it was a single helix instead of a double helix?
  12. Present research on the importance of the helix structure.

  13. Give reasons why chemistry is necessary in the study of this area of biology.
  14. Provide information on the use of chemistry in the study of the helix structure

  15. Show how knowledge of microscopic structures aid in genetic manipulation.
  16. State the different uses research has provided from mapping the structure of DNA. Detail the types of research possible from the understanding of these two polynucleotides.

  17. State the factors that are responsible for affecting the proper expression of genetic information.
  18. Expand on the different causes of genetic inconsistency, for example, toxins and malnutrition

  19. State the differences between plant and animal genetic structures.
  20. Detail the chemicals involved in the formation of these structures in various species of plants and animals.

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