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4 Ingredients Of A Successful Research Paper Conclusion

It can’t be stressed enough how important a conclusion to any essay is, so you really do need to make sure you are getting it right!

So what exactly should a successful conclusion contain then? Here are four essential ingredients you need to know.

What to include.

So, what exactly should this sort of conclusion consist of? You need to make sure you are getting the basics right before anything else, so here is what to include:

  • Restate the topic of your essay. This should be as brief as possible and usually consists of one sentence.
  • Restate the thesis statement (which explains and narrows the topic at hand). This will have already been included in your introduction, so all you need to do here is rephrase it. Again, this should be very concise.
  • Briefly restate the main points covered in your essay’s text body. You should then round these points up into one summation.
  • Include a call for action if you need to do so. This can be quite common with research essays. If your conclusions are inconclusive or further reading is required before being certain about specific points, you should direct the reader of the necessary steps to be taken and present sources for further study.

Engage and polish.

Your conclusion needs to stick to the above criteria, but you also need it to be as engaging as the rest of your essay. You should pay attention to the flow of paragraphs, the choice of vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, annotation of sources and all such other details. The more you re-read and re-edit your piece, the more you will have a winner on your hands.

The last word.

Make sure that your closing paragraph is top notch in all respects. It should bring things full circle and hit the nail on the head with regards to concluding the aims and objectives you have set out for your essay. Your closing sentences should also be very logical because this essay is all about the facts.

What not to include!

Know that you should not include any new information in your conclusion- this is not the place for it! Any findings should have already been presented in the text body chapters.

Also, avoid using a different style or tone. Your ending should be just as consistent and flowing as the rest of your essay, so don’t try to up the stakes just because the end is nigh!

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