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Effective Approaches To Writing A Research Paper About Divorce

Research papers are one of the most common kinds of papers that students are assigned. As opposed to analysis papers, which require you to ask ‘why’ or ‘how’ about a subject to do your own analysis, they mainly involve searching other people’s writing about a subject to gather information about it and in come case compile other people’s analysis.

While you can write a research paper about practically any topic, a subject like divorce can make for a great research paper because there are so many different aspects to it, as well as a wealth of information from government and academic sources.

Follow these easy tips for effective approaches to writing a great research paper about divorce:

  • Find good data and sources about divorce
  • The first step in writing a paper about divorce is to do some background research about divorce. There are certain statistics that you know you’ll want for your paper, regardless of what you end of focusing on, such as how the divorce rate has changed over time. By doing some background research first you’ll be able to make a better decision about what to focus on based not only on what you find interesting, but on what there is plenty of information about in the sources you’ll be using.

  • Choose a specific area to focus on
  • Divorce is far to wide a topic to write about without focusing on it more specifically. You’ll need to narrow it down either by specifying a certain area of divorce, such as child custody, or by specifying divorce in a certain area or population, such as for the Jewish community. Either of these would be adequate to narrow the topic down enough, but if you find that it is till too broad, consider narrowing it down by time frame as well. While you are narrowing your topic, ask yourself if the parameters you are putting on it make sense. For instance, focusing on divorce in the Jewish community makes sense because different religions have different practices around divorce.

  • Try to find sources that offer some analysis
  • While research papers don’t require you to do your own analysis of the information, your paper will be much more interesting if you can find sources that offer some analysis on what you are writing about. This will elevate your paper above just a list of facts to something really interesting and informative.

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