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Original Research Paper Topics On Current Issues

There are not many who would brave to write an academic paper on a current issue. There are many reasons to this. One of these is the need for high-scale research and studying that one would have to conduct when writing such a paper. This is one reason people usually prefer writing on issues that have been written on already. There is a lot of available resource and you can make a lot of issues out of non-issues as well.

But the case is different with topics that you have to write on current issues. A lot of things need to be understood before you are even remotely close to helping your readers understand. And it goes without saying that there are several other complications involved in the subject.

Vet your own knowledge first

The first thing that you need to do is to vet your own knowledge in current affairs of the world. There are several ways in which you may do that. A simple way would be to start reading a newspaper. Check if you get the flow of stories that are part of a series.

Once you are done with part, you should come to the topic that you should be writing on. There are several burning topics that you may decide on and there are many that you may safely avoid.

When it comes to selecting the topic you should consider something among the following categories:

  • Topics in which you have an interest
  • Any current event that is happening near you or in your country
  • Something that you have been following for a while now

Ahead of that, here are some topics that many people are choosing from currently. You may also choose from one of these.

Interesting research topics on current issues

  • How is the world preparing for the elections in the USA?
  • Is India shaping up to be the next superpower in the world?
  • What is the present status on the crisis of the Middle East? What would be the best way to counter the threat posed by the ISIS?
  • Is it true that the Chinese economic model is now falling apart?
  • How highly would you rate the American policy of plundering other nations of their wealth and natural resources?
  • The pseudo crisis and the real crisis in Liberia: what is the role of the Church in giving impunity to criminals?
  • How would you rate the involvement of the Obama administration in further aggravating poverty and exploiting indigenous religious sentiments of the people of Liberia?

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