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How To Utilize Critical Approach In A Research Paper

Critical theory is very important in communication, English and literature among other fields. It shows your understanding of the ideas you are writing about from different perspectives. To utilize the critical approach in your research paper, follow the following steps.

Choose a specific theoretical approach

There are different critical approaches in writing include deconstruction, new historical theory, psychoanalytic, reader response and in textual, among others. Each has unique tenets that define and determine its use. Be clear on the theoretical approach you are using and apply it in the entire paper.

Research on the theory and the field you are studying

A particular field of study will be studied from different angles. Conduct research on the books or journals that have used an approach similar to yours. It provides literature grounding for your paper and makes it easier to understand the approach being used. Materials written in other theories are likely to cause confusion which will be felt throughout the paper.

Outline the basics of the approach in the introduction

The aim of clearly stating the basics of your theory in the introduction is to provide a bearing to the research paper. Anyone reading the paper will understand your point of departure at the early stages. This will eliminate the confusion that characterizes papers that have not clarified their theoretical approach. You are likely to loose the reader at the early stages or paragraphs of your work.

Make relevant quotations and references

Quotations and references are supposed to strengthen your point. Ensure that when making a quotation, it adds weight to your opinion and is the best that can be used at that point. As your research paper is detailing the critical approach, it should demonstrate it on every sentence and paragraph. This includes details on the historical perspective of the approach and how it applies to your chosen subject.

Provide original content or work of your own

The only way to demonstrate understanding of critical approach in writing is to add value to the academic world. This requires you to refer to your published work or provide original ideas that can be applied. Let the paper not be a collection of the ideas of other people. Provide your insight on the matter by applying the critical theory.

Conclude Critically

The conclusion should indicate what you have achieved and the impact of your work in the specific field and the world of academics. Choose your words carefully to make your research paper memorable. The conclusion binds all the ideas discussed in the paper.

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