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5 Methods To Write A Great Research Paper Introduction

The introduction is an important paragraph in your research paper because it acts as the opening of your assignment. Have you ever observed that companies invest a lot in the launch of their products and inauguration of their outlets? They do so because they want to make a great first impression. They say first impression is the last, even if it is not, it surely matters a lot in shaping others perception about your work and product. This is critical because the reader will decide whether your paper is worth reading or not after skimming through the first few lines of your assignment. If you have strategically placed a hook for the reader in the opening paragraph, then you have high chances to engage them for the rest of your assignment. However, if the reader does not find anything interesting or moving in the first few lines of your introduction paragraph, then he would not like to continue reading the rest of the assignment.

To be able to compose a winning research paper introduction, you need to keep a several important things in your mind. Professional writers adopt different techniques to write the introduction paragraphs and hook their audience in the paper. You can use one of these techniques to start a great paper. However, in order for you to use one of these strategies, you must understand them clearly, so that you can apply them to your work.

Give a background of the subject

If there are terms in your topic or if your subject itself if difficult, you should consider explaining that your readers. This approach is only applicable if you have jargons or less common terms that need explanation for the target audience. If you start explaining the common words and add dictionary definitions of the subject then you will waste your time and others as well.

Use an anecdote

You can also open your paper with an anecdote to engage your readers by stating a short story that they can relate to. You should be careful with this because the anecdote you use in your assignment must be closely related to your work and it should not seem off the beat.

Open with a quotation

Open your paper with a famous quote that applies to your situation.

Create a contrast

Start by refuting the opposing arguments.

Follow the pyramid method

Start with a broader subject your reader is familiar with and narrow it down further.

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