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A List Of Powerful Research Paper Topics On Modern Technologies

To build a good research paper, you need to gain substantial knowledge about the topic you are discussing. All the statements that you make need to be supported by substantial evidence, and you are not allowed to present vague information. The subject modern technologies are usually easy to approach by students because they are familiar with the latest updates and inventions on the market. Besides, smart phones and computers are part of modern life, and each student knows how to use them. For some inspiration, take a look at these ideas:

  • Privacy on the internet. Even if all websites have advanced security systems, very often these are hacked by professionals and personal information and pictures get stolen. How safe is it to store your pictures on the internet?
  • Smartphones. They are truly very useful, but they also have an adverse impact on teenagers. They forget how to socialize in normal way, and they reduce their life to a phone screen.
  • Cyber lover. This became so common in the last years, and many people found their partner online. However, this is not always a good choice because they can put themselves in dangerous situations by meeting in reality strangers they met online.
  • Advertising. Years ago, the only commercials we could see were on TV and in newspapers. Nowadays, most of the companies prefer to advertise their products on the internet. In this way, they are accessible to anyone, and they can gain a good reputation fast.
  • Freelancing. To be a freelancer is easy on the internet; if you are good at writing, drawing or you can be an excellent assistant, you can easily work from home. More and more young professionals prefer to work on their own instead of getting a typical job.
  • Internet banking. With only a few clicks, you can have access to your account, make transactions, send payments and much more. While this is an advantage because it saves time and money, it can also be dangerous if the bank does not have a real security system.
  • Social networks. Everyone has accounts on social networks and in many countries, they are the center of teenager’s social life. They post updates, discuss with their friends, share pictures, and many others.
  • E-mails and letters. Anyone no longer uses old letters. It is simple to create an e-mail account and to communicate with anyone in a matter of seconds.

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