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Top 25 Acute Research Paper Topics On Environmental Issues

While in a college, students write a lot of research papers, so it is important to improve their writing skills as well as to be able to find acute topics for their research. The course of the environmental science offers a huge variety of topics for paper writing. However, when it comes to writing on environmental issues, many face the trouble of finding enough of interesting material on the topic they’ve chosen as many consider traditional environmentalism to be boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How to Find an Acute Topic on Environmental Issues

In order to find an interesting topic for your paper on environmental issues, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Research paper topics.
  2. One of the things that work well is finding a broad subject. Once it is done, you need to try and narrow it down to pick out the most interesting features for your paper. Think of several subjects that interest you and try to choose the one which you think is the most interesting.

  3. Check your resources.
  4. Make sure you’ll have enough material for your writing by doing a quick computer search on the Web. However, it is advisable to choose the topic which is widely researched and discussed not only on web pages or blogs but also in books and newspapers. Check at the library for all kinds of a relevant published material.

  5. Check references.
  6. Once the topic is chosen, make sure you’ve checked the sources of information for references. You can both check the Internet databases and ask your college librarian for help.

Top 25 Topics

If you go online, you will immediately spot hundreds of topics for your environmental writing. Here are some of the most advisable options:

  1. Abandoning fossil fuels.
  2. Climate change.
  3. Drinking water.
  4. Combating global warming.
  5. Energy efficient buildings.
  6. Endangered animal species.
  7. Environmental sustainability.
  8. Global impact of deforestation.
  9. Global warming myths.
  10. Invasive species.
  11. Overpopulation.
  12. Renewable energy sources.
  13. Decreasing ozone layer.
  14. Water pollution.
  15. The consequences of oceans warming.
  16. Preventing global warming.
  17. The impact of oil spills in the oceans and seas.
  18. Greenhouse gas emissions.
  19. The ecological models of the future.
  20. Biodiversity and ecosystems.
  21. Acid rains.
  22. Soil erosion as the result of climate change.
  23. The evolution of zoos.
  24. Environmental policy.
  25. The results of the world’s ocean rise.

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